Jun 12, 2007

the NIGHT SLAVES "Tell On You" 7inch EP

So far Felony Fidelity releases have been something where I put it on for the first time and I think it's cool and all but then leave it in the pile closest to the record player so I can come back to it again. The second time around has been where they hit/grab/throttle/jostle me. The Howie and the Hot Knifes record especially (ya know if the pitch the speed up just a hair or two on "Want It" you've got a song that'll get the the girls up shakin' and more than a couple of people sending the dj up a shot). First time around I was like "It decent but nuthin' it ain't heard before". A few days later I gave it it's second chance and was like "THIS RECORD HAS THE DANCE SONG OF THE YEAR ON IT!!!
Well, what d'ya know?! Howie's sits the knives down for a bit and picks up some drumsticks for this newest addition to Portland sordid Rock-n-roll history. I dunno what it is with me referencing Gas Huffer lately but here's another record that gave me that first impression. Wait a minute. The other record that got the recent Gas Huffer reference was the Neins single which is also on this label. Hmmm. Is a member of the Neins in this band too? Ya know what? I'm think so and it's that guy named Joe.
Rubbery twang dirt in the guitars, the manic beat and singing that reeks of cheap beer from a can, a basement in need of a dehumidifier and burger grease. The songs sound like they were recorded in an old shack 15 minutes out from the last of city lights with rotted-n-creeky floorboards, no heat but a fridge stocked with stolen beer and venison cooking over an open fire. All in all, not bad for a first impression. It's second spin I was thinking "Y'know, Martin Savage seems to be a cool guy. He's wrote a couple of cool songs but no matter how hard he tries to sound like an American-he's still a Swede." The Night Slaves don't have to try. It's born into them.

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