Jun 7, 2007

NECROPOLIS "Stumpf" 7inch

This is a bit different than their album from a season of ago.
"What? Did they get unweird or something?"
Nope. Nothing like that. Trust me. There's still plenty of weirdness abound on ths record but it's a more focused in it weirdness instead of the aural ping pong game of peculiarity that was "The Hackled Ruff..." Both songs recorded live to 4-track "Stumpf" reminds me of the days before Thurston Moore was claiming the year that punk broke and you could play a Halo Of Flies record, followed something by the Sonics then something from the Butthole Surfers when MTV was still afraid to say their name (but still gave them some kinda lip service CUZ people like Thurston Moore were advocating them) and no one blinked or bitched nor were none the wiser as long as the tunes kept coming and keeping their buzz going. It was a resurgence era for the psychedelic trips around this town at the time. Out of contempt for their silliness and "12 hour as a hippie" trip they were on-bummin' their trip was a hobby that a few people that would be in charge of the record player started practicing. When somebody would yell "Hey. Play something we know. This stuff is making all the chicks feel like they're gonna throw up" it would be time to go in for the kill. With it's decending bass line, pepper spray guitar bash scatter and raw throat banter "Van V. Art" is the kind of one to throw on and watch those types get woozy real fast.


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