Jun 27, 2007


Every once in a blue moon someone will bring up the Juke Boyds to me. "You were really rallying them for a while, Dale. Do you know what ever happen to 'em?"
Well, I'm sure most of ya know that Andy is now in the Goodnight Loving. Dunno what Jeff America is up to these days. I hear a rare report here and there of him being spotted around Green Bay but that's about it. Ryan is Madison these days and is part of the Midwest Beat.
The disc's opener "J-Man's Blues" is a baroque pop (love how some of the ornamentations almost sound like a string section) jangler reminding one of Gene Clark doing a song with Raspberries but without the dark cloud feeling that looms over a good chunk of the former and the overblowness that the latter could suffer from. It's sparkly but there's also grit. Dig those harmonies. Yeah, the sweet harmonies that are all over the place on every song and these boys nail it everytime. Be it on the Mersybeat (Hmmm...Midwest Beat. Mersybeat. A play on words?) finding it's way to the
Whisky a Go Go circa '66 glimmerings of "Our Lady", the country music gone all hyperactive of "Crying Over You" & "My Love Has Gone Away" or the folky punkster of "Girl Gone West" if these songs weren't catchy and, dare I say it, at moments downright pretty just on their own them harmonies would still come along and grab ahold of ya. Hey, Midwest Beat! Why don't ya bring that stuff over to the great lake my little town rests by sometime this summer? It can be so damn downtrodden and depressed here at times. Y'all got a sound that could brighten things up even if it's only for the length of your set.

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