Jun 2, 2007


I'm starting to think that X! Records has invented some kind of mind control through soundwave device...but when they put it together they read the schematics upside down but made it work for what they wanted to in the end. Instead of it molding thoughts into a singular and sinister purpose it makes a brain all fuzzy, scattered and weird. Hamtramck via Ypsilanti via somewhere out in the cosmo's Little Claw's offering, "Ice Age", is like a late fall evening walk through the cemetery with that cute in her own kinda way but really fucking strange girl and a couple of her friends while hearing the needle get stuck in the noisy middle part of Pere Ubu's "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" play over and over inside your head. A drone and clang collision of Pussy Galore being super moody, Lydia Lunch without all the Catholic hang up's but a twisted obsession for nursery rhymes and a couple of random wino's being brought in from the cold, handed a rock and an oil iron skillet and instructed to "bang on this and we'll give you a sandwich and some rotgut." If this sounds like it's up yr alley look for an album by these strangenik's out on Ecstatic Peace in the next few months.
For those not familiar with Michael Yonkers here's a quick re-cap. In 1968 he recorded an album, "Microminiature Love", for Sire records that got shelved and didn't see the light of day until Sub Pop released it in 2004 which received rave reviews pretty much across the board with declarations of it being a previously unheard clarion call of weirdness/genius not unlike the Stooges, Electric Eels and Chrome yet still in it's own world where it's hard to pin down. In '71 he broke his back in an on the job accident at an electronics factory, had an allergic reaction to the dye they used in the X-Ray procedure and has lived with a degenerative condition of his spinal cord lining that still stricken's him to this day (For a more complete story go here). Over 40 years later that weirdness/genius hasn't waned one bit-still being able to cite reference points yet in it's own little sonic universe. The two he offers up for his side, "I Think" and "The Drain", feature a steady bass drum thump (and not much else) as beat, freaky fuzzy guitar and a voice flushed with abasement. If the Little Claw side is cold weather-this is hope's of warm months but not much faith in them actually happening.

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