Jun 6, 2007


Here's the Sympathy release from late last year finally in it's superior format. "The Flipside Kid" plays catch up (to an extent) for those who didn't act quick enough to get some of these songs when they came out on 45 the past few years (Hell, the one Bancroft released sold out it's pressing in 17 days) as well as some previous unreleased stuff and a couple a new songs recorded for the album. His "Odds-n-Sods" or "Barbed Wire Kisses" package perhaps? Maybe. Like those collections by the Who and the Jesus and the Mary Chain-Mr. Yarber and the TTJ's have made a cohesive collection with songs and packaging (Jack silkscreened the covers himself) to have it stand up as it's own album not just a collection of songs thrown together just to have something to sell for the Christmas crowd.
Opening with the title track which main hook sounds like something pulled from Kiss' "Dressed To Kill" album, cut in into little pieces along with "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" by the Stones, it's loose scraps thrown away, the meat diced together, breaded then thrown into a deep fryer at some greasy diner with sign faded and aged by vegetable oil grease vapors and nicotine that says "The King Loved Our Double Bacon Cheeseburgers" taped on a totally smudged with fingerprints plate glass front door. The a side of the already mentioned Bancroft single (Hey! It is MY blog after all...I'm at least allowed shameless promotion way after the record is out of print, right?), the honkey tonk raunch by the name of "Dirty Nails", is sandwiched between "Til The Money Runs Out", a cowboy on the range tune finding itself featured in a full color French pop fanzine and back alley twist-n-crawl of "Golden Age." "Knick the Knife" takes us deeper in a into a swampland where there's an old barroom piano and a couple of hot rodded fuzz pedal. "Hong Kong Girl" brings some 70's TV show wah-wah, a buzzy bass line and straight forward beat. "Chill-n-Fever" from the Brown Sound single finishes out the side.

Side two kicks off with the best fucking pop song from the second half of last year, "Black Boots" (from the Shattered single). Aside from that and "I Want You" (the flipside of the Brown Sound single-which is listed as a bonus track here. I guess it wasn't included on the CD version maybe...I dunno. I don't have a copy to go check) ya get, to the best of my knowledge, 5 previous unreleased tracks including the total power pop falling down all over some rowdy country rock band sound of "I Live For Today" and a way different total jangle blues version of "John Holmes Blues".
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