Jun 24, 2007

EL JESUS DeMAGICO "Funeral Home" 7inch EP

I've always wanted to own a hearse...and NOT because the Makers owned one either. When I was about 5 or 6 years old there was a teenager who lived a couple houses down who owned one. An old Cadillac one. A '68 if I recall correctly (It had the vertical headlights. GM changed their front end designs across the board by '69). He also wore a top hat most of the time. I thought he was Alice Cooper. If I went out tomorrow and found a cool old one for a sweet price one of the first things I would do is install a loud stereo with a CD player, burn this record to disc and play it as I drive around. It was recorded in a funeral home after all.
It's tricky enough these days to convine people that you make 'weird punk' because you are bonafied weirdos. It also ain't very easy in these times to do blues based garage punk without garnering a few raised eyebrows and some saying "Haven't we heard this all before?" Now...try to meld the two together. Yeah, good luck huh? Well, mark EL JESUS DeMAGICO down as a rare bird.
The accidental Dada of floating in space then crashing so hard to the ground that it leaves a hole 20 feet deep and quarter mile wide. The keyboards feel like gasoline laced embalming fluid, the guitars slice and serrate no longer needed vital organs before sewing eyeballs shut and wiring closed jaws to battle rigor mortis and it's crazy little pranks while vocals fizz and sibilate the place the soul recently vacated. A bit of that thing like Times New Viking have going on where there's a melody in the atonality getting adjoined with something like Clinic's mad scientists in a race for outerspace garage rock thing while Gibby Haynes and crew get an epiphany on what people mean when they say "I used to really like the Butthole Surfers" is going on here.
Over the weekend I was out with the family and stumbled upon a concert in the park thing going on. The band playing had a banner behind saying something like "Rockin' Blues In Praise Of Jesus." The guy who I once thought was Alice Cooper was playing bass (along with a couple of other old beer gutted dudes. Yep, some ponytails too. They were playing Clapton's "Bell Bottom Blues" quite lamely and worked in some line about going to church into the lyrics.) Now I'm thinking if (or should I say WHEN) I get an old hearse I will drive slowly by that guy's house with EL JESUS DeMAGICO playing real loud.


Anonymous said...

Hey very nice picture, I like it.

God Bless You

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weet said...

but did you like the record