May 11, 2007

the NEINS "Crybaby" 7inch EP

There's some very HICK about this record. Notice I said HICK and not REDNECK. There is a difference, ya know. Rednecks always want to remind you they are rednecks. They proud of being loud and dumb and get all excited when the country station annouces "Here's a classic" then plays "Achey Breaky Heart". Hicks are a bit more laid back, possibly a bit more educated but a bit green when it comes to big city life and what all the hipsters are into and probably cringe at 95% of modern country music for being just a pandering and condesending to it's audience as much any hip-hop act Entertainment Weekly and MTV is gonna jump up and down about is. Ya know, just regular people into what their into and if yr into it too welcome on the ride. In a band situation they don't learn a Johnny Cash song, put on a cowboy hat and think they're "authentic".
Fingers go off pointing in a couple of directions when pinning a "sounds like" tag on the Neins. Bedraggled guitar blangs, some creepy organ blasts and the singing stewed in some kinda backroom wine this record summons the spirits of 60's fuzz, a bit those small town agitators types in garages and basements over the country in the mid 70's doing their damndest NOT to sound like bands that had Roger Dean do their album covers and some of that ingrained HICK zip like Gas Huffer.

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