May 3, 2007

MOTORAMA "Dirt Track Specialist" CD

Knuckle draggin' rawk that many a band have mined before and a whole bunch will probably do well into the future. People don't call Lemmy GOD just for shits-n-giggles-it's because they mean it. I'm sure there's a Motorhead shirt or two regularly worn in this band. The dude in shop class who always had on mud splattered jeans that bragged about a installing a t-top on a Firebird (not his of course) and would tell anyone within an earshot that he's gonna have to kick his "best bro's ass for stealing the roaches out of the ashtray" at least once a week should made something like this his theme music but he'd probably call it some "faggot punk shit" that has nothing on Ratt's "Invasion of Your Privacy."

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