May 29, 2007

the KING BROTHERS "Sing The King" 7inch

Nope. Not the band from Japan but a 1989 recording of two brothers, ages 7 and 11, doing "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Suspicious Minds" by the guy some people consider the King of Rock-n-Roll. Since it's on the label that gave the world Jumpin' Bean and the Moustaches et al, Ball Records out of Maine, some kinda oddness is anticpated and yeah...ya get some. Cheesy synth, drum machine, chintzy production and two kids voices in dead serious mode crooning some tunes made popular by the Big E. Maybe they recorded this for a Mother's Day gift or something...I played it for my sons (ages 7 and 10) and they said "Man, this is really corny dad" (cuz you realize that for most kids today Elvis is merely a prototype for many a cartooon character.) but I say KARAOKE ROCK forever (or at least for a couple of spins. )
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