Apr 21, 2007

TUFF BANANAS "Dance To Rock-n-Roll" 7in EP

With a line-up that includes Paul & JonE of the Teenage Rejects/Catholic Boys and Natalie of the Tears it's safe to assume that I'm gonna wave a banner in their favor even before hearing a record by 'em. I did get a demo or two of songs in the works by 'em landed on me but signed an agreement (not in blood but chocolate syrup) no to comment until a record was released for general consumption. Now I understand all the wants to keep it under wraps...THEY WERE PERFECTING THE FLAVOR!!! Like a day at the amusement park was for the Banana Splits (maybe the TB's chose their name as an homage) 'cept with tons more greasy french fries, chili dogs on the house, half the soda pop dumped out of it's paper cup-n-replaced with some kinda of on the cheap side booze and all it of turned up much, much louder. The rock-n-roll equivalent of a popping a couple of cherry flavored Zots in your mouth after at least a decade or two since the last time ya savoured one. Lip smackin' sour sweet hard candy outside that collides with it's fizzy innards.
When Kasenetz & Katz were to present Tuff Bananas svengali Benny Boonana keys to the dirty part of Bubblegum City he decided not to show up cuz it was learned that Arthur Resnick and Joey Levine were ran out of town a long time ago and he would not accept gifts from instigators of such travesties. The band showed up though, ate a lot of elephant ears, rode all the rides and puked all over the security guards shoes while getting tossed out. I can't tell ya which is the pick to click on this cuz all 3 are hits. Ya hear me, baby? HITS I SAY!!!

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