May 13, 2007

the TOUCH ME NOTS "Sheldon Munn" 10inch

Another helping from America's favorite husband & wife musical duo since...jeez, I dunno, George and Tammy perhaps? WHAT? The average American has no idea who Andrew and Kelly are?
Yep! It is true and it's too bad for all of them too. I see them types at the store, in their cars and at the bank. You can tell just by the looks on their faces that something is dearly missing from their lives. The constant exposure to plastic wrapped nothings and wads of processed emptiness that serve as nutrition for the heart and spirit has made them mush. The
unrefined purity of things band's like the Touch Me Nots do is too much of a shock to the system. Not a high fructose corn syrup sugar type shock either. One of grit, bone marrow, burns from splattering grease off an iron skillet and a whole lotta rock-n-roll soul.
A swampy guitar line uncoils on "Door #3" to start off this record off then Andrew whelps, Kelly puncuates it with shotgun beats and things are out of the gate. Hop in the back of an old Ford truck, a couple of old speakers wired off the tape player and run back there for some sound. They're a bit sun baked and rain rotted but what's playing is crackly and blasty and it's a perfect match. Starting out in a chicken coop then on to a gravel road, stopping at an old hotel in Ames, Iowa (the title track's "
Sheldon Munn"), maybe a shrink ("Ask Me About My Persecution Complex") and places William Bell (Their take on "Any Other Way" has been getting a lot of play around here. Dig Andrew's lung belt the vibrato and Kelly's slight off key but so sweet call and response on the chorus), the Drifters ("Drip Drop) and the Miracles "What's So Good About Goodbye" (which was, by the way, a John Lennon Jukebox favorite) haunt. No matter where they stop off to pay some respect for a song they always leave with something that of their own done in their loud-n- sticky stripped down rock-n-roll bash abouts. They've also recently released a 7inch on Nasty Product and a split single with the Grave Blankets...I'll talk about those two soon.

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