Apr 7, 2007

HEROES & VILLAINS "Play Themes From the Dark Pink Circus" CD

Immersed in cool blue water lit in vibrant pinks-n-greens Detroit based Heroes & Villains further propel the label this is on, X! Record's, into "the most interesting label based out of the Mitten state in some while" territory. I've gotten into plenty of debates with people that "Interstellar Overdrive" is one of the most logical destinations surf music would've/should've ended up had it not painted itself into a corner well before psychedelics crashed many a musical party. Plenty have people have looked at me like I am way offbase on making such a statement and that if anything the original Pink Floyd were ANTI-surf. Growing up in a total midwest hicktown other's have said "That first Pink Floyd record is for fags. The only cool thing that guy did for the band was inspire the movie 'the Wall'" (not an exact quote but a close approximation of a conversation I once had with a couple Mountain Dew quart swilling grits who loudly proclaimed themselves as the town's "true Rock-n-Roll experts" to me everytime they'd walk into the record store I was manning). Once in a rare moon someone would say "Maybe you have a point" but as said-it was very rare. I've never talked to any of the guys in H&V before (Hell, I haven't even seen them live but hope to soon) but if I ever did strike up such a conversation with them-they might fall into that last camp. Now before I continue I must stress that I am not trying to fall back on "Rock Journalism Made Easy: Lesson One" by saying this band sounds like "Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn" meets the Chantays or anything though. Elements of both; reverbed discordance & wiggly raga licks are part of the stew but so are pieces of fractured pop "Is this art?" Swell Maps appreciation, moments where it sounds like John Cale rejoined Velvet Underground couple of months before they recorded "Loaded" along with some Kraut Rock tension.


Lord Rutledge said...

Excellent work as always, DM. Finally someone GETS this album. Did ya see the review in Razorcake? Sheesh!

Dale said...

I just did (after you mentioned it). Yeah. Looks like someone spent about 2 minutes with the record then wrote whatever. Maybe deadline was due. What's wrong with JMAC anyways?