Apr 16, 2007

FLASCHEN "Treat Me Bad" 7inch

I recently saw the movie "Zodiac" and, of course knowing what it was about, the song the Rip Offs did by the same name was stuck in the back of my mind during most the film. I was talking to a friend about the flick and threw in a line or two from the song to emphasize a point it wasn't really trying to make and they said they read somewhere that Greg Lowery contributed to film. Yep, he's pretty well versed on the Zodiac Killer history (after all, it would seem a total retarded move to name you band after the guy and I have a feeling he knows a lot more Arthur Leigh Allen than Marilyn Manson knows about either Monroe or Charlie). He didn't know in what capacity Lowery had with the film but still figured it was a worthy piece of trivia.
"Good. I hope he made a little bit of money" I said "cuz he's at least one third responsible for a particular moderne rock aesthetic that hundred or maybe even thousands (especially when you factor in all the Euro fanboys) bands have been biting like a sandwich for a long time now and it and it ain't helping to pay his rent."
Count FLASCHEN in on the French Chapter. Two hissy and high endy songs here that don't hide their influences and probably don't give a shit if ya call 'em derivative cuz their such trash worshipping lunkheads they might not even know what the word means.

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