Apr 27, 2007


Two bands from deep in the gut of Texas taking two songs a side. With members of the Fells and the Cryin' Out Louds in their line up the Deadly Companions make a grimy & drunk rhythm-n-blues peppered punk rock type of noise with vocals sounding like an Iggy/Jad Fair mixbreed that gargles with Old Crow for throat maintenance on "Midnight Soldiers" and a female orgasmic moans meets that's annoying kid from down the block whine on "Your House". Both songs twisted, thorny and horny enough to set them apart from some of the other bands around doing this kinda thing these days.
Steppin' Razors "Shoot Myself" starts out with the sound of an explosion. I remember ten or so years ago suggesting to, either Blaine from Nashville Pussy or Noel of the Hookers (I don't remember which one is was though now but I know it was one of the two...or possibly both) that on a upcoming record they should use such sound effects on each song. Being known as a smart ass whoever it I said it to gave me a "You are being a smart ass" look and that was that BUT the Hookers did use an explosion sound effect at the end of one on their songs on one of their singles (though I highly doubt it was because of my suggestion). Which one? I don't remember off the top of my head. Was it one of the tunes off the "12 Gauge Reaction" single? All my 45's are in a different part of the house and I don't feel like wandering over there at the moment to check and see right now. Maybe one of you can leave the info in the comment box...consider it your record geek trivia question of the day. Doused in a thick echo glaze "Shoot Myself" is a New Bombs Turks melted together with Motorhead in the deep south thud's in a while "Cut Me Deep (excerpt)" is one of those "Boy, I'm gonna have one nasty hangover tomorrow" type of blues numbers.

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