Mar 3, 2007

v/a "Not Psycho Enough" (A Cosmic Psycho tribute series) Vol. 2 and 3 7inch EP's

I had the chance to see the Cosmic Psychos when they toured the US with the Lazy Cowgirls in '95 (or was it '96? A lot of those dates are foggy or blurred these days...I didn't keep a day to day diary and even if I did I would've misplaced it a long time ago anyways) which brought them to the Old Miami in Detroit. Sitting at a table with a pitcher of beer in front of him was Ross bass player and voice of the one of the last bands that could wear the crown "The Thunder From Down Under"
"I'm nursing me stomach tonight" he tells me after I start making some small talk and going for the obvious Aussie's drink a lot of beer angle.
"The cheap vodka in the states has been making a wreck of it" he says as me and some friends offer to buy a him a round and ask him if he'd be cool with doing an interview for the zine we were doing at the time.
"Make mine a bourbon and,wut the 'ell, let's do it."
"Aren't you nursing your stomach?"
"From the vodka I am."
For the next hour or so we talk about driving bulldozers, cattle farming, eating every part of the cow from it's brain and tongue to it's tail and the balls of bulls, meat pies, White Castle, women of the world...y'know, stuff ya can talk with, like an album they released was titled, a bloke you can trust.
On Volume 2 of Norway's Dull City Record's tribute to them kangaroo boxers Finland's Lothar add a bit sci-fi keyboards to the already burly "Supervixen" starting side one and France's Jerry's Spider Gang take "Can't Come In" as the side's 2nd song and do late Psychos guitarist Robbie Watts proud by piling on even more wah-wah than he was known for. Somewhere out there it's possible he's raising his bottle to 'em to. Both bands on side two, Finland's Spank My Jones ("Crazy Woman") and England's the Dry Retch ("Rain On You") take the Motor City Rock influence the Psychos never denied and run in different directions with it.
Volume 3 goes to the place where the noise it's nodding to started with an all Oz edition. Hell Crab City start it out with a pretty loyal redo of "Pub" (big fat solo and everything) the Meatbeaters inject a overflowing shot of Motorhead juice into "Back In Town", "David Lee Roth" gets a knuckle dragging makeover by Interstater and Gazoonga Attack make a grinder with a less rough life burned Wendy O. Williams on vox out of "Come On Cunt."

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