Mar 19, 2007

ROT SHIT "The Worst Kids Ever" 7inch EP

Ahh. To be young and carefree...or in Rot Shit's case dumb and careless. REALLY DUMB! And careless is an understatement. 6 songs jammed on each side of this single hardly none of them over really scratching over a minute and some of them closer to the 30 second mark. Obnoxious garbage punk with the intent of pissing everyone off and never being invited back to play again. I'm a firm believer that all 15 year old kids who claim themselves "punk rock" should listen to nothing but the Angry Samoans "Back To Samoa" and the first 3 KBD comps for at least a month. I dunno if such an idea was laid on these Pittburgh monkeys but if it did it took a more fucked up turn than even I would've anticipated. Boy-n-Girl (at least I think it's boy-n-girl but it's just that their voices haven't changed yet) vox trade offs about getting a boner, hate, beer, hot dogs & being horny, crappy distortion pedals set to the frying carp in muddy gasoline setting and a cover of a Loli and the Chones song to start the whole thing off. Watch the bottles and chairs fly.

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