Apr 13, 2007

ROCK-n-ROLL MONKEY and the ROBOTS "Detroit Trauma" CD

A bedroom/basement fidelity agglomeration of new wave, indie rock's prime time, garage punk and all purpose DIY quirk. The robotic psych of "Destroy Everything", the Pastels in an American thrift shop feeling of "Dean Of Denver", "Toss It Back Like Kerouac" bad attitude 60's meets 80's beat, the Ramones meets Sparks theme park summertime bubblegum punk feeling of "James Dean Was Jerk", Modern Lovers riding around with Wire in some goth kids mom minvan gurgles of "Call It A Horse" and the Pixies meets the Normal skittish menace of "Buick City" are all prime candidates for mixtapes I might make over the next couple of months. Actually, most the stuff here works on some level or another with the only things really leaving me cold being a couple of bromidic blues punk numbers and a slight overuse of soundbite material before & after some of the tunes.

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