Mar 17, 2007

RED RED RED "Mind Destroyer" LP

Mind destroyer! Paranoia! Thought debaser! Gasoline with a lit match chaser! Brain bashing! Sounds of cars smashing!
Unfair fights involving guitar strings and grenades!
Detroit city...everyone knows she ain't so pretty...Red Red Red! Alert! Alert! Alert! Panic attacks! Lightning cracks! Deciding between laser smacks or using a rusty knife to give skin a hack!
Everyday someone set's it on fire! More toxic than a pit full of smoldering tires!
Hiss! Piss! Fall into a burn pit of static abyss!
Get the action!
Shove a screwdriver in your eardrum! If yr gonna slouch do it with attitude! Otherwise ya just look dumb! rhymes with marijuana! Spit! Shit! Kick! It ain't about being slick! Jab at it hard with a sharp stick! It's about the moment! The heat...even if the drummer blows the beat! Basements...potholes...holey jeans...schoolyard mescaline! Twirled all dizzy! Smacked around! Pagans records played double speed! Playing Electric Eels records at 78 speed! Taking a machete to them cuz it's what some noise addicts need!
Red Red Red! Is that tripled gunpowdered buckshot flying out out the speakers and a need for stitches in the head?
Explosions! Implosions! Confusion! Lemmy and Keith share blood transfusions!

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