Mar 30, 2007


Whenever I get a CD from a Swedish band the first thing I always think is "If there's a press sheet that comes along with this-how many sentences will it take for the MC5 to be mentioned." It seems that it's very rare that the MC5 ISN'T mentioned in a Swedish band's press sheet. I think the Hellacopters might have made up some type of "Do's and Don'ts" brochure and "dropping the MC5's name as an influence is mandatory whether you sound anything like them or not" and sent it out to every band in the Scandinavian countries as "how to" instructions. In the info page I got along with this disc the MC5 are mentioned the 3rd sentence in. The lead off track, "Olivia", the band seems to be carrying influences more along the lines of the Alarm and other populists college rock bands of mid 80's (as well as a bit of that 70's ROCK hangover a lot of those type of bands were trying to set themselves apart from). Other songs sound like something that FM rock stations would latch on to like Jet to fill their "garage rock" quota. Hell, one tune here reminds me of a mash up between Candlebox, the Waterboys and some silly song they play 12 times a day on the modern country station. Nope, not really hearing anything that reminds me of the MC5 but in someways that might be a good thing cuz a lot of bands that do drop the name end up being nothing more than 3rd rate cock rock bands. This is much more "mature" than all that...Still ain't doing much for me though either way.

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Great stuff! I have been lookin' at your site for years, nice to see shit tons of updates!

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