Mar 18, 2007

HUMAN EYE "Spiders and their Kin" 7inch

When listening to Human Eye it's not uncommon to feel like you are the cable that connects from the out of sync strobe lights, tinfoil skulls, oscillating veins, raw meat sculptures, freaky sea creatures & radioactive insects that inhabit Timmy Vulgar's brain to the fifteen or so mismatched and salvaged from trash day treasure hunt speakers sound the band scatters about. Side one of the Cass 45 "Spiders and their Kin" starts as a stadium blues-rock for people that don't give really give a shit about stadium blues-rock lumber, stumble across gurgling fluorescent green pond on Hawkwind's property and decide to take a swim. The flip's "Desperate Hands" hears it screaming for help as eyes melt and skin bubbles but doesn't offer help instead conjuring up some static rain by playing a copy of Amon Duul II's "Wolf City" that they pilfered from a mad, mad, mad scientists house.

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