Mar 10, 2007

HOWIE and the HOTKNIVES "Want It" 7inch

The type of people that, when they break up with someone, don't get all depressed and bring all their friend's down in the process but instead throw a party are an interesting batch. They sure know how to throw a party too. The booze..the food...the women...the band...all setting the "there's plenty of fish on the sea and I got a pretty good net" mood right where it should be. It's been quite a long while since I attended such an affair. There's still plenty of good food out there, booze is still aplenty, sometimes the girls find something better to do but will show up eventually. I'm guessing it's the bands out there that are being the wet blanket. All serious, introspective and bumming everyone out. Someone out there break up with someone and CELEBRATE! You need to call Howie and the Hotknives to supply the sounds when you do it too. A sordid gallimaufry of "Back From The Grave" crud, a clump of the Modern Lovers leaping before looking dishevelment, a tad or two of Flamin' Groovies buffoonery, some Crampsish gutter pilfering and more than a overflowing ladle dripping full of mid-90's greasy 7inch trash rock gravy exaltation. Howie bangs out chords, blangs some solos, petitions & boasts lackadaisically about finding some action while the lasses that make up the Hotknives provide a 1-4-5 melee and chime in with some off-key-n-catty yet oh so fitting Shirelles "shoop-wop" bent harmonies after a bottle of two of budget vodka.

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