Mar 24, 2007

HELL ON EARTH "Hell Never Lets Go pt. 1" 7inch EP

UGLY! UGLY! UGLY! This is the stuff that later spawned both Pink Reason AND Razorfist? Where they like 12 or something when they had this band? Completely shitty recording like all the sickest death and grind metal from ten years ago sounded. 15 songs from 1997 on one little record. The screams make my blood curdle which is another thing all the sickest death and grind does to me. This makes me almost want to get in the pit like the bad old days. Almost because all those Nu Metal dinks thrash like rabid retards. I don't have time for that bullshit anymore. I will play his again and throw my couch around though.


Easy said...

they were between sixteen and eighteen.

Wayne McHine said...

Still a good age to be full of hate.