Mar 20, 2007

GENTLEMAN JESSE "I Don't Wanna Know" 7inch EP

I have this theory that if it snows within the week surrounding St. Patrick's Day it's a sign of encouragement spring in Michigan is just around the corner. If the groundhog predict's an early spring AND the snowfall happens it's usually definite. Yesterday morning there was snow on the ground. It was pretty much gone by sundown last night. I'm thinking it's on the right track. When a record like this is on the turntable it doesn't matter if the theory is wrong cuz it's sounds reminds me that not everyday will be drag and dreary cuz months like May through September aren't all that far away even if there is melancholy still hanging in the air. It's got the sparkle that all the good powerish & punkish pop needs to have and moxie that a whole bunch of it (both "back then" as well as now) lacks. The song "I Don't Wanna Know" reminds me of something like the Television Personalities "Look Back In Anger", bits of the good things from the Chords "So Far Away" album and a couple of the early Stiff records 45's ran through a filter invented by Eric Carmen and Wally Bryson when they were writing their best songs.
Actually looking at the 3 songs as a whole I think something like Badfinger without the suicide curses getting discovered by Greg Shaw instead of Paul McCartney. With the Rickenbackers and Fenders jangles and blaaangs intertwining and the harmonies knocking me over it reminds me of the family room where parties used to happen at that really cute but kinda skanky girls house when her parents were out of town. She once told me the she REALLY DID walk in on her parents making out on the couch while playing her older brother's KISS records right before she played a cassette with Cheap Trick's "Surrender" on it. I was afraid of her big brother but she dabbed on a fresh coat of lipgloss and I was in love in the end of the next school year...Yeah, then came High school. That's a whole different story.

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