Mar 26, 2007

BOSTON CHINKS "Coltrane" 7inch EP

I know I am not the first one to point this out and I probably won't be the last but this band is not from Boston nor are they Chinese (didn't Dave Kendall always deliver some spiel about the "Utah Saints aren't from Utah. They're actually from the UK" and then go on about Kate Bush's voice being sampled in the song on "MTV's 120 Minutes" for something like two months straight? Yeah, that's the first time Dave Kendall OR the Utah Saints have been mentioned in these pages. Hopefully the last. Man, if I had made a nickel off every used copy of their CD I saw pass through while working at a record store...Oh wait a minute. In a roundabout way I did)...Chinese eyed maybe. Everyday ya can hear a newish band from anywhere around the world that is trying to tap into the source that Gonerworld landmarks like the Oblivians, the Reatards and King Louie whetted their thirst at but these guys being from Memphis get it straight from the well. I'm gonna throw the Neckbones name on the grill too cuz, even though they never did a record for the Goner label, the rock-n-roll worlds of Oxford Miss and Memphis have collided and mingled for a long while now. Throats treated with bourbon's medicinal purposes, hook or two on each song that has that prefect balance of forehead sweating & blood pressure raising pepper whack and citrus peel lip smacking taaang that the finest of a sauce you can use in 3 of the basic food groups; pork, beef and chicken!!! Like REAL bar-b-que made over a REAL bar-b-que fire (chunks of charcoal or hunks of wood or a mixture of both...not that natural gas or propane fire weekenders, suburbanites, old folks and other general squares consider grilling) there's usually some hot spots. Pieces here-n-there may be a bit crispy-n-crunchy because of it but once you sink your teeth in the greasy goodness is what you might taste.

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