Mar 6, 2007

the BABY SHAKES "Stuck On Blue" 7inch

I wonder if John Felice and Nikki Corvette ever have a younger generation of rockers showing up on their front porch steps saying "You're my long lost parent." If so, I'm betting these three ladies (and one guy-him being Dave Rahn of Carbonas fame) have knocked on both their doors. My favorite girl-group powerpop band that Travis Ramin didn't have a hand with in a few years the Baby Shakes "Stuck On Blue" is the crazy child of "All Kindsa Girls" and "Backseat Love" starting to get messed up on a bottle of gin and dressed up in pink leather and black Chucks. Both sides prove to be hits in a perfect world with "Boy's Talk" Go-Go's (who I will always defend as one of the greatest pop bands EVER) first album stripped of all it's gloss and doubled the blare especially with it's harmonies and a breakdown that reminds me a bit of "This Town." Someone get Nick Lowe out of that funk he's been in for the past 20 years or so and put him in the studio with this gals pronto!!!

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