Mar 23, 2007

the ATLANTIC MANOR "All The Best Girls Have Winter Hearts" CDEP

"Lo-Fi and Heartfelt" is the this band's call to arms. Such an adage conjures up different thoughts for different people. Some people might be expecting an Oblivians roar. Other's are probably thinking freak-folk. Neil & Crazy Horse's "Everybody Knows" get's hi-jacked by Radiohead in a very sparce mood but dragging along a special guest, the foggy synth off of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", for the ride is the impression I am getting in the over 4 minute interlude that the opening track "Desperation" starts with. A somber and southern voice (think Ronnie Van Zandt after a couple bottles of cough syrup learning some Roky Erickson songs...or maybe Green On Red's Dan Stuart in a waking dream) tells tales of depression, wind, rain and bloodstains. When a female voice harmonizes on "Sadder Than You Seem" the clouds lift a little and on the closer "Open Arms" it gives off the impression that maybe everyday isn't so bleak after all in a Galaxie 500 feedback-n-jangle kinda way.

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