Mar 11, 2007

the ALMIGHTY HANDCLAPS "Make You Mine" 7inch EP

I looked at the return address on the package and thought "This might be interesting." The name was sorta goofy and Iowa, though not a state most people would think of when the think of fertile rock-n-roll breeding grounds, has been responsible for raising some talented-n-noisy musicmakers on it's soil through the years. It's one of those places that most bands wouldn't ever think of setting foot in but those who do usually have some type of story when they leave. The thing is though that the stories can ran anywhere from "They're are starving for a wild time and they go nuts" to "Weird but not in a cool way" tales. It meant this record could go anyway. The package sat on my dining room table for a couple of days before I had a chance to tear the cardboard and cellophane apart and have a chance to check out the record inside.
It wasn't off to a good start once I looked at the sleeve. It reminded me of the days when Electric Frankenstein was releasing 4 records a month on any label that offered and not really giving a shit what the cover looked liked. Yeah, I can understand swiping an image from an old EC comic for whatever reason but not a whole freakin' panel. Then on the back they thank EVERYBODY down to the pressing plant that stamped the record for 'em. Why don't they thank the company that manufactured the tape they recorded this on or the gas station (and hell, the cashier that took their money for the petrol) they filled up at to get to a gig while they're at it?
So far that's two snob epitome points against them...but I give them a half point back for the blue vinyl and the rubberstamped labels. I almost kneejerk into giving 'em another half point back again when "Full Time" kicks off this 4 songer. Thoughts of a much coy and less refined Demolition Dollrods if they had a reconfiguration heavy on the fuzz bass, organ cheese and twice as much bathroom echo. I'm still not ready yet when the songs end. I gotta hear what else they have going on. Thoughts of Supercharger keeping watch over a special ed detention hall start mingling with the previous impressions. By the time "Make You Mine" in all it's double deckered static caps off this platter the band is no longer in point debt. If I wasn't such a stickler for aesthetics I wouldn't take all the minor details like a totally goofy and obvious record sleeve into account and the band would be ahead of the game but in the end they break even. They ain't reinventing the wheel and they haven't stumbled across anything a 1000 before them haven't already but it sure sounds like they're having a lot of hate caked fun. If/when they put out more stuff I won't hesistate throwing it on the stereo but do hope the cover looks like more than an afterthought. Holy shit! It's been a long while since I let a record cover irk me this much. I'm glad I gave the record a spin though.

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