Feb 19, 2007

THOMAS FUNCTION “The Insignificants” 7inch EP

One of the duties that is expected of writing these little opinions of rock-n-roll records is finding other band's to compare a band to. A lot of the time it's pretty easy. Other times not so quite. The core of this Alabama band were members of the Panic Buttons, one of the great lost teenage garage bands that sprouted toward at the tail end of the last golden age of punk rock (later 90's/early 00's). Their self-released 6 song EP will be a centerpiece on whatever the future holds for a KBD-like documentation of that era. Some wrote them off as just another Supercharger wannabe but they had hicktown reprobate view that wasn't faked...and it wasn't like Supercharger invented being a reject, watching B-movies or eating pizza. When that ran it's course they started reading stuff a little heavier than sci-fi dimestore tales as well as checking out darker music then formed Alabama Jihad, which found the original trio changing their weapons of choice, the band doubling in members-including double synth players on the front end. Some were quick to make observations that Lost Sounds records didn't leave some folks in Huntsville's turntables in the months. When I saw them live in my little town I learned songs they had sent out as a demo didn't do them justice. It did have a similar sinister southern goth vibe as the Lost Sounds but AJ were pushing it into a different direction and black metal wasn't anywhere close to it. Now under the magnifying glass is Thomas Function. It's, in a way, as those two extremes got introspective and shook hands. To throw out some reference-The Feelies "Crazy Rhythms", the first Cuts album, DMZ, the Seeds...Electric pianos float over the top of a martial beat and a yelping call of desperation one moment-the next soaking a flowerbox full of daisys in gasoline then tossing a lit cigarette at it. Chalk up another one for these guys for happening across something then delving into another weird space in their minds.

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