Feb 27, 2007

HOME BLITZ “Apocalyptic Grades 2005 A.D." 7inch EP and "Stupid Street" 7inch

"It's like whoever was the cool clique of the shortbus riders decided to put a band together after hearing 70's AM radio!"

"Fuck 'Pet Sounds'! This is a grand vision but I don't think the band is even aware of it!"

"The Modern Lovers have some unacknowledged illegitimate kids!"

"I read that one Monkees bio. They imbibed as much as anyone else in their era. Maybe this is what they REALLY sounded like when they started playing their own instruments but before the producers "fixed" everything!"

"Sweet and Guided By Vocies made a record together?"

Everytime I listen to these two Home Blitz records I always hear something different. Everytime I play these two records I jot down something like the above statements. Savant-pop music where things stop because of a mind blank or a need for something the soothe the throat, changes get stumbled then everything falls into place at THAT particular moment (be it a twice as loud as the rest of the songs glam rock bridge, a heart hurting solo exactly when the moment calls for it and some handclaps to make it's points) though it still sounds like it's about to fall apart (and sometimes it does) but along the way the tape hiss and puttering melts away and songs you wanna sing along to everytime they come on start poking through the mud.

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