Feb 17, 2007


Lee Olson was the lead screamer in an early Mystery Girls line up. Unless you were hanging out in Green Bay, Wisconsin basements in the early naughts you probably haven't heard much of the band from that time. On one of the early demo's the band passed out I believe some Lee stuff is on it. Perhaps if Bancroft ever put's out the much talked about MG's band approved bootleg anthology LP they'll see the day. They were a much different band then majoring in Radio Birdman & Stooges covers. They were young and stupid. Now, more than a few years later Lee's in Madison and has got this thing going on. Somewhat older but still doing stupid rock-n-roll...which, of course is what a lot of my favorite rock-n-roll is. Think about it-can you imagine a world where all "rock music" was smart?!?! Nothing but bands like Rush & Tool? Uck! No thanks. Stompin' spiders in hard sole shoes and causing all kinds of public disturbances the Gut Reactions are dirt-fi for trash hounds who lament that old Rip Off records sound and are looking for something hair triggered and...you guessed it...stupid.

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