Feb 23, 2007

the BUSY SIGNALS "Can't Feel A Thing" 7inch

Punky pop? Poppy punk? Not pop-punk though...Powerpop doesn't do it justice (and I know how it burns Busy Signals guitar player Eric's biscuits seeing that comparison. Hey! At least I ain't dropping the "Did they take their name from the Exploding Hearts song?" thing that seems to be the ole reliable thing to do when talking about the band). Peppery Girl/Boy sing along's are just one of the sharp hooks the two songs have. The guitars snag you and the bottom end with hit ya either in the hips or head. Dirty yet vivid...Archaic yet stylish. Loud and quick and sticky in the brain. My complaint? The record is too damn short. Still though, when I put it on I'll play it a couple of times before I change the record. There was a 3 or so week period where this and their first single were only things that sounded good to me. Hey! Busy Signals! When are y'all gonna make an album?

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