Feb 25, 2007

BLACK TIME "Message From the Control Tower" 7inch EP

The jury seems to be split on Black Time these days but I still sit on the pro side. Yeah, I may be a little partial because I put a record out by them but to me they're one of those absolute combinations of blasts-n-attitude that grabs ahold of my ear. Brit detachment, Gories stumbles into genius, getting bed spins while listening to the Creation on headphones, dress codes in school and still now in faceless & drab office buildings, scratchy old soul 45's, a hope of something shiny will be found while pulling out scraps in an rusty auto graveyard, visions of Jean Seberg lost in the moment of a basement after hours party when the dj throws on the Velvet's "I Heard Her Call My Name"...MOD BANG and DAMP DAY CLANG! If the "Dance Party" EP put off a side of the Black Time audience for being too effervescent-n-catchy (Hey, every record that Bancroft releases has a jukebox smash...that's what I try to convince my mind at least) this might drench their thirst. Scorched rhythm-n-blues patterns get invaded by foot long locusts let loose out of a box held by Johnny Morton and tensions builds as water from an overflowing sink the floor above starts dripping on the fuse box. It explodes...caught on film it becomes a centerpiece of scenes accented by a broken electric piano.

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