Feb 14, 2007

the BLACK and WHITES "Fucked Up Heart" 7inch EP

So who was it that killed powerpop (or at least made it a dirty word)? On second thought-scratch that-I'm sure the responses would be a mile long of who shall be taken to the gallows pole (would the hangman be wearing a skinny tie?) and who should be spared. The debate would probably go on for weeks if not months or years...I've only got so many minutes (not hours) in a day to think about such things. A band would be deemed kings by one would be trashed by another. There's the rare instances of great powerpop albums from start to end but IT IS a genre where it boils down to particular songs. Tunes like (keep in mind I'm just throwing out some off the cuff examples-this ain't no splitting of hairs) "Surrender", "Turning Japanese", "Good Girls Don't" & "Teenline" stand up on their own where if that was the only song the band the band recorded they still knocked that perfect formula (luckily for the bands I mentioned they wrote more than one great gem). Simple yet clever in both the words and the hook. The Beatles, Chuck Berry, bubblegum and stuff a bit more harder all put in the mixer-with a stellar batch of pink frosting coated (sorta like the stuff that goes on those Zoo cookies that grandma used to buy) toxicants. The Black and Whites are already ahead of the game. This single comes out like a pedal to the floor Cheap Trick with a well worn copy of the Ramones "Rocket To Russia" (or the Heartbreakers backing Tommy Roe or a Flaming Groovies/Romantics morph...Take your pick or make up some more of your own) in the cassette deck. Dilemma's with girls and the guitars solos turned up really loud!

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