Jan 30, 2007

the TOUCH ME NOTS "Hey, Television" 7inch EP

Since time was not really on my side when it came to managing things over at Smashin' Transistors proper in 2006 I wasn't able to declare this one of my favorite records of the year. I hope this is a case of better late than never. Boy/girl dyamic duo outta Oakland, California that get folks yelling out sacred names like the Flat Duo Jets, the Spaceshits & Charlie Feathers in comparison. Andrew can sure bend those strings and wail with the best of em. Kelly knows how to kick the can all the way home in a rhythm that makes ya wanna bop & sway all the way back to the place called home. The a-side may start off as the last chance for a slow dance from some old black-n-white flick that even the cable stations don't show anymore with croon that shrugs off sadness and and doesn't worry about a cloudy day because "BA DA DA DA DA DUM!!! I SAY HEY TELEVISION!!!!!!" When everything else let's ya down there always that cathrode ray that'll embrace ya in it's warmth. I don't wanna pickle. Fuck, I'll even watch something about a father & son bitching about building some fancy motor-sickle....Especially when I can turn the sound on the set down and let the minor chord bang-n-twang bashfest that leads into the greatest morph of a solo that takes from "Talk Dirty To Me", a couple of Chilton-ish licks and Dexter Romweber downing a gallon of coffee. Andrew whoops, hollers, and shouts his cherishing of his Zenith tubes, transistors & wires in a voice like some long gone in the dirt rock-n-rollers with a wild hair stuck in their craw making the flaming dice tattoo crews practicing their best Rev. Horton Heat impersonators obsolete (Yeah, just when I think those types of buffoons have finally figured it out that it's time to hang it out ANOTHER couple of them seep out of some knotty pine woodwork. To hell with those Mr. Dressups. 3/4's of them are so into it but don't even know who the Burnette Brothers are let alone their first names) . THIS AIN'T NO BULLSHIT ROCK-A-BILLY APING!!! THIS IS ROCK-N-ROLL!!!! Unadultered! Not watered down! No pretention. Just dive straight into it. Yep! That's the kind of tune "Hey, Television" is. Flipping this piece of plastic on it's other side ain't no let down either. Hell, I've heard some say they even dig it more. "Fucked Up Big Time" is a stumblin' home type of stroller about blowing it once last time that rivals anything on the most recent King Khan & BBQ Show album and the record's capper, "Celebrity Roast", is like a mash up of the Coasters meets a drunken power-pop band then stripped down to some raw essentials the crammed inside a sardine can. This record was done in a print run of 300 so is probably already a bitch to get yr hands on a copy but keep you eyes peeled for the 10inch that Yakisakana put out in the last month or so.

Touch Me Nots interview

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