Jan 9, 2007

TERRIOR BUTE "Return To The Astro Castle" CD

It's been easy to be skeptical of "synth-punk" bands because they've been popping up like weeds again. It seems that one out of every four people that played some kind of garage-trash-punk-whatever band a year or so ago have been trading in their stringed instruments for a cheap ass Casio or digging an old Roland keyboard out of their uncle's basement and trying to act weird, post modern and more often than not totally ironic. With two synths (well, one's actually a keytar) and a real live drummer this Wisconsin group gives off a totally REAL sound of teenaged alienation that sounds like it's was weaned on cassette recordings of late night programming from the CBC in the 80's, the midwest pissed offness of Dow Jones & the Industrials and an attention span that has them switching between any Piranhas record and the Human League's "Dare". It's not like they're AV club hall of famer comic book store beardo weirdos though. Terrior Bute may very likley be nerds but are a lot more "rock-n-roll" then a 1000 of those types combined. A lot of these "New Wave of New Wave" bands either go for the herky-jerky rollercoaster ride or floating on bumpy air cruise but seem to forget about the swing. With Terrior Bute the swing is the first thing they bring.

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