Jan 10, 2007

SONIC CHICKEN 4 "Don't Let Me Down" 7inch

Ever since hearing their song on the 'Love Killed My Brain" comp I have been anticpating hearing some other stuff by the Sonic Chicken 4. No luck finding their first single cuz it was long out of print by that time so I had to wait until I got my hands on this, their 3rd, to land my ears on some more music by 'em. This sorta threw me for a loop the first time I spun it. The LKMB track had a Velvet Underground buzzy pop noise thing going on. This is a lot more jumpin' up & down Rhythm-n-Blues regenerated and degenerated the way the French (especially this particular part of France too. The Fatals and the Mighty Go Go Players come from the same area) find themselves doing it these days.

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