Jan 25, 2007


I dig some psychedelia but find a lot of it bullshit too. Mellotrons and so on have their time in place but a lot of stuff from the 60's seemed to want to smother their musical interpretation of the LSD experience in pillowcases of daffodil pedals pine about the sunlight shining in some girl's hair. Who knows, maybe all those band's were part of a government ploy to get all the kid's to try acid so the Man could continue with their mind control experiments. I gotta be something like that cuz any band that explored the dark side of "the trips" weren't welcomed with the open arms as that as the marmalade troops. Think about it-the Stones "Satanic Majesties Request" was a bomb of a seller and said lacked vision compared to some dorky ditties like "Green Tambourine" or whatever. The sinister takes didn't help bring sheep's to the slaughter I'm assuming so they were shuffled off to hardly visited corner as far as pop culture representation was concerned. Guys in high school used to try to tell how trippy the Doors could be but I think I recalled reading somewhere that Jim Morrison gave up LSD early in the game because it he kept having bad trips. Maybe it was all planned. Let's not forget that the Doors were considered creepy (when all they really were was a couple of jazzbo's with a drunk goth college drop-out on the microphone) and they could've done damage to the peace and love campaign. Then there's those total mind altered addled brained experiments like the first two Stooges albums and Skip Spence's "Oar" that didn't/couldn't capture an audience other than the most complete of freak and reject types. Like a gurlgle-n-screech comet through outerspace colliding with meteors made out of Modern Lovers fragments and scorching planets that have been newly forming from pieces of Chrome-Psychedelic Horseshit live up to there name in one way but smack it around in many others. About as high-tech as a tent made out of a cardboard box turned out and burning up Half Japanese like bedroom punk freak out. Underneath what sounds like tattled sheds of aluminum and a dentist drilling into your psyche there's a poptones or two that may end up stuck to your cranium.
Psychedelic Horseshit Interview

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