Jan 19, 2007

NECROPOLIS "The Hackled Ruff & Shoulder Mane" LP

Even if I hadn't listen to this record I would know that the Fall have contorted at least one person in this band's brain because they have a song called "Stalking Mark E Smith Around NYC" and THAT was enough for me to give this a spin. And yes, there is a definite Fall thing going on as well as a lot of other twisted 'before all the rules were written' berserk-out "punk" stuff along with later freaks like the Butthole Surfers and mixing in some of that "maybe the nerds and weirdos DO know how to have a wilder party than the jocks" goofiness of the B-52's. It doesn't sound like the band is trying to be this messed up or that meticulous-It's more like it comes natural for them.

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