Jan 16, 2007

HOLY SHIT "Jazz Phase" 7inch EP

More ugly and gashed up spazzcore from these dairyland miscreations. If this is their jazz phase as the record's title states it's more of a free jazz out-sound squall freekout that maybe not even Miles, Ornette and Sun Ra all hanging out together could've imagined than some Van Morrison record of the 90's, the new Diane Krall or any given Steely Dan record bullshit I get subjected to whenever I decide to check out Jazz night at my hometown brew pub. Slithery dirges erupt in to unhallowed panic attacks. Take something like, oh...let's say the Neos and throw it in a bucket of old anti-freeze then twist it and drink what is wrung out (I suggest a kerosene chaser). Disorientation and staggering are to be expected. If conditions persist for more than length of the record, flip it over and play it again.

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