Jan 28, 2007

the HIPSHAKES "Not Oblivians" 7inch

That same type of cheapo paper sleeve familiar to anyone who is has bought a Goner 45 in the past. The same type of rub off letter type setting. Two songs that have the exact titles of the songs made famous by the band the record is claiming NOT to be. Nope, it's not the Oblivians at all...Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome the Hipshakes." A trio of Sheffield, England (a place where off the top of my head has given the world the Human League, Def Leppard, Cabaret Voltaire and Joe Cocker but this is from a completely different neighborhood.) youngsters who bang out bombed out Maxi-primitived R-n-B stumble. Didn't George Orwell call Sheffield the ugliest town in the new world? Now I'm wondering what their neighborhood DOES looks like. Judging the sounds I'm hearing on this record my guess it's trashy and the smell of fried food permeates the air. Yeah, you can hear an Oblivians influence threaded but there's also a lot of the same things that rattled the minds of fellow Englishmen the Real Losers and Black Time (which I'm sure I listened to their share of Oblivians records too but y'know what I'm getting at). "Big Black Hole" is a bunch of teenage (literally-these guys were like 16 or something when they laid this stuff to tape) desperation cured by breaking stuff, screamin'/whinin' like a tomcat and jumpin' around to the monkey beat, "Never Enough", oddly enough, reminds me of something the Injections "Prison Walls" but it doesn't sound like the song at all either. I guess it's the simpleness/retardedness/shout alongness of it. Way more wild guitar action and floor tom thump-a-bump on the Hipshakes song though.

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