Jan 14, 2007

the BEAVERS "...Are Back" 7inch EP

Is this the same Beavers that had a split single with Gaunt over ten years ago? I don't have that record handy at the moment to compare what the band sounds like to this one but both Beavers where from the Netherlands and a couple of the guys in the pic look like they've been out there rockin' for a good long while and, after all, the rec is titled "Are Back" so I think it's safe to assume that they are. Drop the needle on "I'm On No One's Side" though and it doesn't sound like it's just some older dudes resting on their laurels. A swirly organ sounds like it's sharing the same desecrated amp with the guitar. Bop-shoo-wop butting heads with the Mummies and the Spits and completely covered in hiss.

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