Jan 7, 2007

the AVERSIONS "Black Alibi" 7inch EP

Upping the action a few notches since their album a couple of years back (which was no slouch either) Quebec City's Aversions should be entitled to get a gold star from anyone who digs REAL PUNK ROCK and not that bullshit that bozo's in every city are trying to pass off as the real deal these day. Some punchy and driving stuff from a place where Bad Religion were a nothing more than a bug gut specks on the windshield, D.O.A. never made those crummy records from the 80's-n-beyond and the more straight up rock-n-roll KBD type bands as well as Motorhead are revered the way the rest of the world tack up Led Zep and Nirvana posters to their wall.

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